Parent Teacher Metting


Representatives of parents and teachers are invariably consulted as and when required for the optimum development of the child. Regular meetings with class/subject teachers are arranged on every 2nd Saturday of the month and Such meetings are very healthy for the progress of the child. Parents are requested to attend all such meetings.

Parent Can Help The School

Avoid meeting their wards or the teachers in the class rooms during the school hours.

Ensure punctuality, regularity & discipline of their ward.

Make sure that their ward attends the school in neat, tidy and proper uniform.

Check bags, diary of their wards everyday and see that the home work and other instructions given to them are attended properly. Also check and countersign all circulars / invitations and notes given to them.

Take care, not to send their ward with Mobile Phones, Video Games, I-pods, Motorbikes and valuables such as costly wrist watch or jewellery in the school.